Health & Safety Recognition Award & Slogan

The Health & Safety Committee is a proactive group of members that bring important information to our monthly Health & Safety and Union meetings.
Since the inception of theHealth and Safety or the Occupational Health and Safety Act in 1978, our committee debates all issues relating to workplace health and safety issues. We are looking for eye catching stickers for our tool boxes or hard hats. Our members are creative and we look forward to seeing your submissions.
Please submit your slogan before September 23, 2016 to:
The Health & Safety Committee
1377 Lawrence Ave. E., Toronto, ON M3A 3P8
or fill out form below.

Health & Safety Recognition Award
The purpose of this award is to acknowledge a member who has taken an approach to the workplace health and safety. The overall objective is to promote a healthier and safer workplace for all. It does not matter if the nominee is an Apprentice, Journeyman or Foreman. The Health & Safety Committee will select a recipient from all eligible candidates nominated by members. Nominations will be open from August 31, 2016 to November 30, 2016. Nominations are for the preceding year and are open to all active members.
Please mail of fax a form containing the following information:
Member Nominated, Card #, Job Location, Nominated by, Card #, Nominators
Phone #, Email Address and the description of act or acts which has improved the
workplace health and safety.
To: Local Union 353 Health & Safety Committee
1377 Lawrence Ave. E. Toronto, ON M3A 3P8
Fax# (416) 510-3531

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