Dispatch Procedures

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Dispatch Procedures – June 30, 2012

1. Job Information Lines & Email:

Phone 416-510-3532

Toll Free 1-800-387-3533

Email dispatch@lu353.ca


2. Dispatch times: 7:30 am – 8:30 am – for members in person
8:30am – 11:00am – for members by phone or in person
8:30 am – 10:30 am – for members confirming faxes 
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm – for special dispatches

3. The dispatcher will only be available for phone calls: 8:30 am and 3:30 pm

A member may report out of work after these hours to a business representative during regular business hours at the union office in person or by phone.

4. It is a member’s responsibility to inform the Local Union Dispatch Office when there is a change of employment with a contractor. A member’s out of work date is determined by the date the member reports to the Local Union office.

5. To be involved in 7:30 am dispatch you must sign the daybook or fax in using an approved fax form by 7:30 am.

6. If there is more than one member present at 7:30 am dispatch order will be determined by out of work date.

7. If when dispatching there is more than one member with the same out of work date, the member that has been on the out of work list the longest will go first.

8. If there is more than one member present with the same out of work date and went on the out of work list on the same day there will be a draw for dispatch order for that date.

9. Members reporting out of work by signing the day book or faxing in will be eligible for dispatch after members who are all ready on the out of work list and have signed the day book or faxed in that day. In effect, members on the out of work list will be dispatched before members who are reporting out of work at 7:30 dispatch.

10. Members faxing in for dispatch at 7:30 am must call the dispatcher between: 8:30 am and 10:30 am, to confirm the fax and to find out if they were dispatched.

11. If a member fails to call in by at least 10:30 am on three (3) dispatch dates the member will forfeit their right to fax in for a job and their faxes will not be accepted until such time as they are dispatched to work.

12. Out of town calls will be dispatched through the entire out of work list, such that the last out of work date dispatched for the previous out of town calls will be the first out of work date dispatch for the next out of town call until the bottom of the list is reached.

13. Apprentices must have a work order on file at the union office prior to being eligible for dispatch.

14. A member on the out of work list who has their Out of Work date passed as described in points 31 and 32 will be filed Not At Trade. When this member re-signs the Out of Work List, the member will be given the date the dispatcher is contacted as their new Out of Work Date.

15. If a members’ employment status has changed and does not report to the dispatcher, the member will receive passes the day after the employment change if they apply.

16. If a member on the out of work list becomes suspended, any passes the member would have had while suspended will be applied upon re-instatement of dues. If the number of passes is five or more then the members out of work date will be the date of re-instatement.

17. If a member is not looking for work for any reason the member can file not at trade for a minimum of 14 days. While not at trade a member will not get passes. The member must contact the dispatcher to be put back on the out of work list from not at trade.

18. A members out of work date will advance one day for each calendar day the member has been dispatched to a contractor. Passes will reduce one pass for every day not on the out of work list.

19. Out of work dates will not be adjusted retroactively. Members must report to the dispatcher immediately any changes to their employment status, i.e.: trade school, W.S.I.B., temporary layoff, weekly indemnity, long term disability, ill and injured, etc.

20. A members out of work date will be calculated by adding the number of calendar days dispatched to their previous out of work date.

21. If when reported out of work a member has had 10 dispatches or 140 calendar days dispatched since the last time their out of work date went current or in the previous 12 month period from the date reported out of work a members out of work date will be the date reported out of work.

22. Members who take a dispatch and do not report (DNS) will be have 15 days added on their out of work date, will get a pass that day and the call will count as one of the 10 dispatches.

23. A member is considered dispatched from the date the member is dispatched until the date the member registers on the out of work list. Members on temporary layoff are still considered to be dispatched.

24. Members working out of town or filed not at trade will have their out of work date moved one day for each day the last out of work date dispatched is later than their out of work date.

25. Members working maintenance will have their out of work date moved the same as a member dispatched.

26. Members filed on weekly indemnity, long term disability, W.S.I.B., or ill and injured, will not have their out of work date moved except where clause 27 applies.

27. In all cases when a member registers for the out of work list and has an out of work date that is earlier than the top of the list out of work date, the member will get the same date as the top of the list.

28. A member filed not at trade may be dispatched before the 14 days if there are calls left over at 11:00 am. These members would have and opportunity to dispatched before a non-353 member (traveler or probationary) would be dispatched. If this member reports out of work before the 14-day waiting period is over the member would be filed not at trade again until the 14 days have expired.

29. The employer shall only initiate Name Hire; members must not solicit work from signatory contractors for bargaining unit work (i.e. sending out resumes or going on jobs looking for work).

30. If a special dispatch is required outside normal dispatch hours it will take place at 3:00 pm and the tape will be updated by 1:00 pm. Members must sign the day book in person or by fax by 3:00 pm to be involved in 3:00 pm dispatch or phone after 3:15 pm.

31. Dispatch will be conducted through a jurisdictional system when determining passes for a call. Members of both 353 east and north will be entitled to 5 passes on jobs in their respective jurisdictional area and 10 in either of the other two areas.

32. Members of 353 prior to June 30, 2012 will be entitled to 5 passes within the jurisdiction they live and jurisdiction of Toronto as it existed on June 29, 2012. They will also be entitled to 10 passes within the opposite jurisdiction in which they live.

33. Any member may choose to pick up a call from any of the jurisdictional areas and the members out of work date will determine the order of dispatch.

34. There will be one out of work list for the entire jurisdiction of Local 353.


  1. Members may only use the fax for being put on the dispatch list; any other business must be in person or by phone during normal office hours.
  2. The Business Manager reserves the right to conduct dispatch outside regular dispatch procedures in order to procure employment for Local 353 Members.
  3. A member may chose to change the area in which they would naturally be listed in, once every two years. Any passes a member may have when they wish to change areas will transferred to their new area.


Steven Martin
Business Manager/Financial Secretary