Appointment of a member to fill vacant Executive Board position

Appointment of a member to fill Brother Martin Kearney’s vacant Executive Board position.

Our IBEW Constitution requires any vacant Local Union Office be appointed by the Local’s Executive Board, (E-Bd.) until our next regular election which will be held in June of 2017. Due to Executive Board member Brother Martin Kearney’s unfortunate passing, on February 11, 2016, our E-Bd. has decided to ask members who wish to apply to be appointed to fill the vacant Executive Board position, do so through the IBEW 353 website. Interested members should use the “Contact Us Form and Site Enquiries” link under the “Contact” header at the top of our web page. Applications using a Microsoft Word Program can be copied and pasted into the “message” box at the bottom of the web page. Any interested member should include reasons why they are interested in becoming an Executive Board member. You should also include all Union positions that you have held such as Committee member, Steward or Health and Safety Rep., etc. or participated in. All applications must be filed on line by Friday, April 29, 2016 to be considered by the E-Bd. Members.
All eligibility requirements set out in the Constitution and Local 353 By-Laws apply to all candidates who wish to be considered for appointment, to fill Brother Martin Kearney’s vacant E-Bd. position, some important ones are listed below;
Constitution, Article XVI, Section 16

Vacancies occurring in any L.U. office, and the Examining Board, shall be filled by the L.U. Executive Board until the next regular election, except when filled by the I.P. The eligibility requirements for the election to the office shall apply. Vacancies in position of press secretary, registrar, door foreman, or inspector shall be filled by the L.U. president.
Eligibility of Candidates:

Constitution, Article XVI, Section 10

No member shall be nominated for office unless he is present or signifies his willingness in writing, nor shall he be eligible for any office unless he has been a member in continuous good standing at least two (2) years in the L.U. immediately prior to nomination, providing the L.U. has been in existence for this length of time. When it is impracticable or impossible for a L.U. to elect officers with the required standing, the I.P. may grant special dispensation.

Bylaws of Local 353

ARTICLE III – Officers – Elections – Duties

Sec.7. (e)
No member shall be eligible for office unless he/she has been a member of Local Union 353 in continuous good standing for at least two (2) years immediately prior to nomination. (“good standing” means that the member is current in the payment of dues and has been for the two years preceding the nominations.)

Sec. 7. (f)
No apprentice shall be eligible to hold office in the Local Union, except that a member who has previously eligible to hold office in the Local Union shall remain eligible if he entered an apprenticeship program for the purpose of upgrading his classification.

Sec. 7. (g)
The member must also attend at least one-half of the regular meetings of the Local Union for the twelve-month period immediately preceding the month in which nominations are held.

The Executive Board intends to fill the vacant E-Bd. position at our May 2016, E-Bd. meeting. The term “nominations” used above refers to and includes the April 2016 Unit meetings.
Fraternally your IBEW Local 353 Executive Board.